ScriptCase v9.0.013 (2017-08-03 18:18)

New functionalities

  • Added option to generate chart for windows in modal of export pdf. It will only be displayed if “Create Charts” is enabled at the .pdf export settings.

Specific correction

  • Fixed issue when running “OnHeader” and “OnFooter” events in the chart application.
  • Fixed issue displaying events, in the Javascript on forms.
  • Fixed issue in digit limit for maximum value of decimal fields.
  • Fixed an issue when using a global variable with name that starts with underscores, eg: [_var]
  • Fixed issue in spin input when typing more than one character in field settings at ReportPDF.
  • Fixed issue causing the interface to rename applications in 1366 x 768 resolution.
  • Fixed issue displaying To-Do list buttons when “Who can change” is empty.
  • Fixed issue when updating the “Image (filename)” field while set as mandatory.
  • Fixed issue displaying the image manager menu in 1366 x 768 resolution.
  • Fixed issue that duplicates fields used in AJAX processing.
  • Fixed issue when running ReportPDF when SQL is modified.
  • Fixed problem when using the sc_ajax_message macro. (Its necessary to clear the browser cache)
  • Fixed issue to update records when select field is disabled.

Performance improvement

  • Improved performance on Mac Installer. (It will be necessary to reinstall the environment)
  • Improved interface performance and scripts generation.


  • Fixed Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘public’ (T_PUBLIC) at form applications when using lookup in the fields.
  • Fixed issue when describing the fields group by in the summary using lookup settings.
  • Fixed issue in the date field display using the advanced filter when its set in the dimension.
  • Fixed issue in the static group by grouping in the query.