ScriptCase v9.0.015 (2017-08-11 07:00)

New functionalities

  • Added support to third digit in version increment of the projects.

Specific correction

  • Fixed problem in viewing the configuration images in the image manager. ( needs to clear your browser’s cache. )
  • Fixed issue when saving Query filter in Double Select fields with Characters.
  • Fixed issue in Multi upload fields using MSSQL Server Native SRV PDO and PDO_DBLIB driver
  • Fixed issue in updating disabled fields with N-N relation.
  • Fixed PDF export issue in environments that only accept the https:// protocol.
  • Fixed issue in displaying button “OK” in the form of applications when the user dont have access to application. (Non-authorized user interface)
  • Removed the fields with the data types: Date, Time, Timestamp, Clob, Blob, Bytea, Oid, Lo, Varbinary, Image and Xml of the Quick search interface
  • Fixed problem in finding the page generated from the helpcase, using special characters.
  • Fixed issue using quicksearch with % character in PostgreSQL connections.
  • Fixed issue when using special characters “<” in automatic lookup of form applications.
  • Fixed issue in PDF export of query with group by and charts
  • Fixed issue while acessing the config.php file
  • Fixed bug Invalid argument supplied for foreach () | Script: devel\class\page
    mPageMenu.class.php line: 1862 when creating a procedure application
  • Fixed bug - invalid argument supplied foreach() - nm_gp_chart_hystogram.php 458 when configuring column-type chart in queries.

Performance improvement

  • Improved visualization of macros documentation. ( needs to clear your browser’s cache. )
  • Added protection to download links of the generated applications files.


  • Fixed issue in the display of the “Quantity of records” option in the chart interface.
  • Fixed issue using macro sc_error_message and sc_error_exit.
  • Fixed issue when using totals in virtual fields of Query.
  • Fixed Fatal Error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method proc_teste_cat_grid :: totaliza_php () in the execution of the applications of type procedure.