ScriptCase v9.0.016 (2017-08-18 01:36)

New functionalities

  • Added option to start by the filter in chart applications. Option available in settings interface.
  • Improved display of the “Export Chart” option in the chart interface. Option available in chart settings.
  • Improved the look of the “Filter Conditions” item of the filter menu in the interface.
  • Added the control application in the “Connection Widget” of the dashboard.
  • Added sc_text_style macro for Query application.
  • Added button to print in the Print Query export.
  • Added option " between two values " in filter conditions for numeric fields.

Specific correction

  • Fixed issue in displaying the field type Youtube configured as modal.
  • Fixed recording of the “File name (only to store in the database)” option in the multi upload fields.
  • Fixed chart display when using filter in chart applications.
  • Fixed issue in totalization variables in onGroupBy when not using groupby.
  • Fixed negative format display for Decimal fields of groupby totalization in the query application.
  • Fixed image upload selector display in HTML Templates.
  • Fixed issue when listing internal libraries in the project default values.
  • Fixed issue using global uppercase variables in the dashboard filter.
  • Fixed issue in the HINT view of the sc_link macro in URL fields.
  • Fixed issue using sc_field_read only macro in Ajax Events.
  • Fixed issue in button display when using sc_btn_display macro.
  • Fixed issue in horizontal scrolling of the side menu of applications.
  • Fixed issue in displaying " Filter Settings " and " Special Conditions " options in “date” and “datetime” virtual fields of the filter.

Performance improvement

  • Improved performance in advanced search of date fields using PostgreSQL connections.


  • Fixed issue in the visualization of the field options “Initial ordering” in the graphic interface.
  • Fixed Fatal error: Parameter Redefinition, when using field name Duplicate in autocomplete field edit lookup.
  • Fixed query pagination problem using Limit option.
  • Fixed issue when setting the NULL value in fields of type nVarchar in SQL SERVER in Forms.
  • Fixed issue in “Master Detail” application view in mobile applications.