ScriptCase v9.0.018 (2017-09-05 23:00)

New functionalities

  • Added new application theme, “Sc9_Meadow”.
  • Added support for default values ​​in chart and summary search.
  • Added new values ​​to the “Relative Period” option in the summary search.
  • Added option to sort values ​​in chart with drill down navigation.
  • Improved display of filtered field for chart and summary.

Specific correction

  • Fixed problem in PDF export of chart application.
  • Fixed execution problem in checkbox fields configured with manual lookup and Ajax event.
  • Fixed problem when accessing dynamic group by in summary: At least one field should be related to the Y axis.


  • Fixed problem uploading files to HTML templates.
  • Fixed problem with ‘copy’ button for Helpcase HTML template.
  • Fixed problem when creating a Helpcase header template.
  • Fixed problem in “Create Select” interface in lookup settings.
  • Fixed problem using “Relative Period” with “Multiple Values” option in summary and chart search.
  • Fixed interface problem when renaming the application.
  • Fixed problem when saving “Negative number format” option in fields and regional settings.
  • Fixed problem when copying images through image manager.
  • Fixed problem in viewing the connection icons in XLS, CSV and Access import.
  • Fixed display problem in dimension numeric field settings.
  • Fixed problem in langs view in the calendar of data type fields.