ScriptCase v9.0.019 (2017-10-06 02:32)

New functionalities

  • Inclusion of new configuration options in the calendar application.
  • Integration with Google Calendar.
  • Added new field for calendar categories.
  • Added category filter in calendar sidebar
  • Added Google reCAPTCHA v2 integration in creating the security module.
  • Added Google reCAPTCHA v2 integration in form, control, and calendar application security.
  • Added option for color palette in the Color HTML fields.
  • Added option to hide recurrence fields in calendar application.
  • Configuration of the width and size of the calendar.
  • Added option to hide time fields when scoring all day in calendar application.


  • Fixed problem in “Empty Content” condition of checkbox fields in search.
  • Fixed problem when using the “Select the fields that will be displayed in the Group By line” option when the field was not being used in the Group By.
  • Fixed issue when running menu application without setting up a connection.
  • Fixed problem in analysis of comments by lines and blocks.
  • Fixed issue when using sc_field_style macro on links created by the sc_link macro.
  • Fixed problem when displaying date type values ​​when using the sc_log_split macro.
  • Fixed problem in later records behavior when using sc_field_style macro.
  • Fixed problem in reloading dashboard indexes.
  • Fixed problem in the use of virtual fields in the grid Group By.
  • Fixed issue of footer display in PDF export of Chart.
  • Fixed issue when using special characters fields in grid Group By using MSSQL Server connections.
  • Fixed problem using field variable on Group By label.
  • Fixed problem in totalization display when Group By field has value 0.