ScriptCase v9.0.021 (2017-10-19 22:45)

New functionalities

  • Added new example project Personal Finances.
  • Added new events in the calendar application: onCalendarApplicationInit and onCalendarScriptInit.
  • Added DB2 support in sample projects.
  • Added support for .tgz formats in the deploy generation.

Specific correction

  • Fixed bug in reCAPTCHA SSL certificate in Mac OS. For environments already installed, see the tutorial
  • Fixed problem when dragging multi-day events into calendar.
  • Improvement in the layout of the Calendar Categories field in the form of calendar application.
  • Fixed preview problem on calendars buttons called from dashboards.
  • Fixed problem in multi-day event viewing in calendar.
  • Fixed problem in viewing times at events marked ‘full day’ in the calendar.


  • Fixed error “file_get_contents() failed to open stream: No such file or directory” when viewing the layout in the application settings.
  • Fixed problem when saving theme name of the menu using the “/” character.
  • Fixed problem viewing the HTML code of a header template copied in Helpcase.
  • Fixed problem creating header template in Helpcase.
  • Fixed problem in the analysis of comments by blocks and line with global variables.
  • Fixed problem navigating forms, when using option “Use Checkbox in drop down” in select fields.
  • Fixed problem using global variable in lookup field with group by in the grid.
  • Fixed problem using the connection parameter, being created dynamically through the macro sc_connection_new.
  • Fixed problem with displaying language/regional settings in application settings.
  • Fixed problem in the options saved in the security module profile.
  • Fixed problem displaying the date field using other formats in the chart application.
  • Improved text in the interface for uploading external libraries.
  • Fixed problem in link of type application, when the key field had dot.
  • Fixed problem in grid totals when using Group by syntax in main SQL.
  • Fixed problem when entering values ​​with accent in the option “Text between values” in the settings of the date field in the search.
  • Fixed problem when inserting date type fields, disabled in the interface and assigned through events.
  • Fixed problem in “Save Filter” option in generated applications, using select fields with Ajax processing.