ScriptCase v9.4.028 (2020-05-19 09:26)


  • Fixed problem that disabled the field overlaid by SweetAlert’s toast on the form.
  • Fixed problem in JSON export with summary module, initially disabled.
  • Fixed problem with conflict internal variables used with sc_lookup macro.
  • Fixed problem with the return of the lookup on groupby with multibyte characters.
  • Fixed problem when using Ajax event on fields with slider enabled.
  • Fixed Javascript error when using apostrophe in refined grid search.
  • Fixed problem with image quality resized in the PDF report.
  • Fixed Invalid argument supplied for foreach() error when creating a project without a selected theme.
  • Fixed Undefined variable error when creating project with Oracle and PostgreSQL connection.
  • Fixed problem when defining exports generating directly, as the initial grid mode.
  • Fixed problem with updating the date when dragging events from the calendar.
  • Fixed problem with Summary button in grid with dynamic groupby.
  • Fixed problem when using “Search” option, in the field updates connection table, in PostgreSQL connection.
  • Fixed problem in viewing manual lookup records for multiple values ​​(position) in the grid.
  • Fixed problem in using index fields in dashboard, with non-UTF-8 characters.
  • Fixed problem in the export chart application.
  • Fixed problem with CHARSET in the search values, in the chart application.