ScriptCase v9.4.030 (2020-06-02 20:03)


  • Fixed problem when updating template layout in the menu application.
  • Fixed problem with displaying selected values in select2 fields in the grid search.
  • Fixed problem creating global variables in the lookups to display, in the form application.
  • Fixed problem with handling quotation marks when using the sc_concat macro and global variables in lookup to display on the form.
  • Fixed problem with the treatment of quotation marks when using the sc_concat macro in lookups to display in PostgreSQL connection.

The update tried to delete 32 files in prod/third/barcode…/html … after i changed CHMOD of html it was possible to delete an to finish the update. But actual i have the situation that i have errors in the local installation of Scriptcase to see the barcode in scriptcase and also in the generated file. If i transmit the files to a productive server the barcode function is working.