ScriptCase v9.6.002 (2020-12-29 19:08)

New functionalities

  • Added option to Save HTML tags and Javascript text input in text fields of the control application.
  • Added support for .webp files in the Scriptcase image manager.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL connection charsets to the production environment’s encodings list.
  • Added “Keep old aspect of uploading files” option in the project properties.
    Option added for users who did not use the forward slash symbol (/) when creating a subdirectory, in the image and document type fields. In this scenario, the files were stored directly in the "file" directory. If you use a file structure like this, you need to enable this flag. From 9.6 version, images and documents are being saved in the directories informed in the installation, that is, "file / img" for images and "file / doc" for documents, respectively.


  • Fixed problem with the behavior after selecting the “Save Grid” button.
  • Fixed problem with the text display when filling in the To-Do List.
  • Fixed problem with displaying buttons when sending project messages in low resolution.
  • Fixed problem when restoring selected fields in the advanced Report PDF filter and grid.
  • Fixed problem with advanced mode parameters with DB2 connection.
  • Fixed problem with displaying Google Calendar buttons in the calendar application.
  • Fixed problem in viewing HTML tags in the menu tabs, when using the toolbar buttons.
  • Fixed problem when inserting data in the calendar using Google Calendar API.
  • Fixed problem with redirection in the tree menu when selecting default application and opening items in a new tab.
  • Fixed problem with the download of document (file name) field type files in the grid.
  • Fixed problem with “save application” after synchronizing the table.
  • Fixed problem when using space and capital letters, in global variables of the header and footer of the grid and form applications.
  • Fixed problem with the mini calendar display.
  • Fixed problem with displaying widget titles in dashboard applications.
  • Fixed problem when sending link through the sc_mail_send macro.
  • Fixed problem in viewing the applications configured in the tab application, using the French language.