ScriptCase v9.6.003 (2020-01-19 08:00)


  • Fixed problem with opacity on the days of adjacent months in the mini calendar.
  • Fixed problem when changing theme CSS parameters in advanced filter autocomplete fields.
  • Fixed problem when using global variable in the form confirmation message.
  • Fixed problem with Hint input when creating buttons to accept global variables.
  • Fixed problem in displaying items of connection property between applications when opening in Iframe.
  • Fixed problem with blank printing on the calendar.
  • Fixed problem when creating application with primary key field type BIGINT and starting with “All”.
  • Fixed problem with using fields after displaying the Sweet Alert message from the sc_alert macro.
  • Fixed problem with menu items and sub-items after displaying Toast and Sweet Alert.
  • Fixed problem when using sc_lookup macro in the menu application.
  • Fixed problem when searching for records with “&” in the form’s dynamic search.
  • Fixed problem with block behavior when opening “Help by block” content.
  • Fixed problem when deleting all records from a search, in a multiple record form.
  • Fixed problem when importing project without applications.
  • Fixed problem with highlight on single record type forms.