ScriptCase v9.6.011 (2021-05-10 12:01)


  • Added support for utf8mb3 and utf8mb4 client encoding on MySQL connection.


  • Fixed problem when creating security module using Firebird connection.
  • Fixed problem with the display of the “JSON Export” button on the security module.
  • Fixed problem when inserting user information in the log table, using an environment with IPv6.
  • Fixed problem in viewing the upload area in the form Grid editable (view).
  • Fixed problem with the redirection parameter of the sc_ajax_message macro in event Ajax in the grid.
  • Fixed JavaScript error when creating the connection in the production environment.
  • Fixed problem in viewing records, after page break, in PDF export.
  • Fixed problem with creating horizontal scroll bar when expanding vertical menu.
  • Fixed problem with the display of an icon indicating the expansion of the menu in the PDF Layout.
  • Fixed problem in the display of accented characters in the JSON export of the chart application.
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