ScriptCase v9.6.012 (2021-06-02 15:59)


  • Improved data visualization in SQL Builder.
  • Added option to convert charset to UTF-8 by database in project properties.
    This option will convert the characters sent by the server to UTF-8, according to the database charset. As of this update, new projects will be created with this option enabled, which can be unchecked in themenu interface Project → Properties.


  • Fixed problem with the “Save in session” option in the “Persist State” button.
  • Fixed problem with “language” field of applications, after creating batch applications, and project with only one language selected.
  • Fixed problem with loss of default values, in manual lookup of radio and checkbox type fields, when clearing state of advanced grid search.
  • Fixed problem when defining font size and tab color of form pages.
  • Fixed problem when performing column ordering in forms with horizontal orientations.
  • Fixed problem in the visualization of themes during project creation.
  • Fixed problem when canceling duplicate files in the internal library.