ScriptCase v9.7.000 (2021-10-28 04:26)

New functionalities (Upgrade requeried)

  • Added mobile optimization for grid, menu and chart applications.
  • Added Form Multi-Steps.
  • Added Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to the security module.
  • Added API email configuration support in security module.
  • Added improvements to Refined Search.
  • Added new chart options (Zoomline, Scrolling and Overlapping).
  • Added new sc_btn_disabled macro.
  • Added new sc_btn_label macro.
  • Added new sc_get_wizard_step macro.
  • Added new parameter “reply_to” in sc_mail_send macro.


  • Fixed error when generating source code for Online Shop project.
  • Fixed connection issue in CRM project when using SQL Server Native SRV PDO driver.
  • Fixed problem when using reload button when adding records.
  • Fixed sorting problem with column type CBLOB, BLOB and LONG, using Oracle database.
  • Fixed problem saving API in production environment, due to webkit update in some browsers.
  • Fixed problem when returning to the query application when using sc_redir macro in advanced search.
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