ScriptCase v9.7.001 (2021-11-05 10:57)

New functionalities (Upgrade requeried)

  • Added new sample project: “Restaurant”


  • Fixed problem in assigning value to a lang in the generated application.
  • Fixed error “Undefined variable: arr_def_proj” when creating the calendar application.
  • Fixed problem with size of tab margin-top in menu application.
  • Fixed problem when using the detail application, from a master/detail, in a step of the step form.
  • Fixed problem in creating tables during manual installation with MySQL connection, in PHP 7.0 environment.
  • Fixed problem in displaying “show” option items in menu toolbar interface. When changing the button type, some options were disabled.
  • Fixed problem in recognizing global variables in tab applications.
  • Fixed download file issue for damaged MAC OS.
  • Fixed problem in displaying alert message when adding a new language in the project.
  • Fixed problem in viewing the help of macros in events.