ScriptCase v9.7.003 (2021-11-24 22:13)

New functionalities (Upgrade requeried)

  • Added mobile optimization for form application.
  • Added mobile optimization for calendar application.
  • Added User profile image upload option in security module.
  • Added new ‘Settings’ option to end user in security module.


  • Fixed problem in the filter’s clear button, in the checkbox type field, configured as manual lookup.
  • Fixed problem in formatting numeric fields passed as a parameter in the link. The field was being formatted when using the open property in another window.
  • Fixed problem in the HTML printing of the grid, configured with static group by and the option to start treeview closed. At the time of printing it only displayed the first record.
  • Fixed issue in the mobile grid toolbar, which only worked when there were buttons configured on the desktop toolbar.
  • Fixed issue with advanced filter mobile toolbar buttons. It was only displayed in the mobile application if there were buttons on the desktop toolbar.
  • Fixed damaged file issue in macOS scriptcase installer.
  • Fixed problem in redirecting “sc_redir” macro to the pdf report application.