ScriptCase v9.7.016 (2021-04-13 01:27)

New functionalities (Upgrade requeried)

  • Added new option within the PDF Grid export to include a progress bar for following the data export.
  • Field “HTML Editor” updated with mobile support, new HTML, new options, and faster rendering on screen. (You will need to update the production environment)
  • Added fixed columns in the Form application (multiple records, editable grid, and editable grid view).
  • Editable Grid view horizontal form’s type with editing and inclusion option using a modal window.
  • Added selection of fields that will be part of the editable grid (view), allowing different configuration of form fields.
  • Added new sorting icon types options on forms (set by theme or Font Awesome).


  • Changed the text content of the advanced, dynamic and summary filter buttons to “Reset”, in the English language.
  • Fixed problem in onGroupByAll event when performing calculations on fields.
  • Fixed problem when viewing the grid and summary export modules when the initial module was configured for PDF.
  • Fixed problem with Z-index of the option to save grid that was behind the application label.
  • Fixed problem when saving the option “Definition of the fields that will be displayed in the group by” in the group by field configuration.
  • Fixed problem in totaling a virtual field with negative values.
  • Fixed problem when viewing chart themes in the grid fields interface.
  • Fixed JS problem when using named fields with reserved words.
  • Fixed Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘’ (T_NS_SEPARATOR), expecting identifier (T_STRING), when using global variables in “where” clause using JOIN in SQL. The error occurred when selecting some fields in the refined filter.
  • Fixed error when running application with theme for button that contains quote.
  • Fixed problem with lifetime setting of files in tmp directory.