ScriptCase v9.7.017 (2021-04-27 14:32)

New functionalities (Upgrade requeried)

  • Added option to “Display progress bar” in PDF export setting in chart application. The user will be able to choose whether or not to display the progress bar when generating the PDF. This will only be done when the “Generate PDF Directly” option is enabled.
  • Added new property of the link “Open in another browser tab”, in the links of the grid application.


  • Fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined method :gera_icone() when enabling the “Icon” option in document type virtual fields in grid applications.
  • Fixed problem with browser window opening when enabling “Display progress bar” option. From this release, the pdf will be generated in another browser tab.
  • Fixed problem displaying discarded changes message when using signature type field in forms.
  • Fixed problem with loading the HTML editor when browsing editable grid forms.
  • Fixed conflict problem using the same field name with Scriptcase’s internal function.
  • Fixed problem in displaying the modal window in the application toolbar button group interface.
  • Fixed problem with displaying “Print” and “Horizontal Line” buttons in the HTML Editor.
  • Fixed problem with the height of the HTML editor when the field is configured to be displayed on a form page.
  • Fixed problem in displaying grid fields in the side menu of the interface even after the option is disabled in the form.
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