ScriptCase v9.7.018 (2021-05-09 11:30)

New functionalities (Upgrade requeried)

  • Added fixed column and form ordering options in express edition of applications.


  • Fixed problem when in Quicksearch using the Progress connection.
  • Fixed error Call to undefined function nm_psq_liga_cons, when running a grid application with the filter module disabled and the fields in quicksearch selected.
  • Fixed problem in generating PDF in Alma Linux 8.5 environment.
  • Fixed problem in synchronizing data dictionary langs in applications that have group by.
  • Fixed problem when viewing edit buttons on horizontal forms on mobile.
  • Fixed a problem with the fixed label working on mobile horizontal forms.
  • Fixed problem with text preview in mobile vertical grids (using more than one column per page).
  • Fixed problem with displaying the height of form page tabs on mobile.
  • Fixed problem in displaying records in xls and xlsx export in grid applications with nested grids and left text alignment.
  • Fixed problem with initial value in the filter when configuring with zero.
  • Fixed issue of overlapping menu application theme color by project theme color.