ScriptCase v9.7.020 (2021-06-01 11:20)

New functionalities (Upgrade requeried)

  • Added support to hide grid detail header via sc_head_hide macro.


  • Fixed problem in displaying grouped buttons after search result without records in grid.
  • Fixed problem in image preview when informing file upload using the storage API. The error occurred when using the same file name with different content.
  • Fixed problem with horizontal menu alignment.
  • Fixed problem when viewing the link application opening in iframe in a mobile grid.
  • Fixed problem with Quicksearch overlapping in grid when using advanced search label.
  • Fixed problem in the “label” view when selecting the calendar from the date field. The error only occurred on horizontal forms.
  • Fixed problem with horizontal alignment of the advanced search, when configuring and having an effect on the grid.
  • Fixed problem when displaying the title and collapse icon in the slide grid block on mobile.
  • Fixed problem after criticizing required fields in the last step of the form.
  • Fixed problem in shortcut to image directory for label icon on forms in advanced theme mode.
  • Fixed problem when viewing dropdown fields from mobile.
  • Fixed problem when viewing images in grid on mobile.
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