ScriptCase v9.9.003 (2022-12-13 17:09)


  • Added new “Last Accessed” column in the interface of all projects in List mode.
  • Added protection to not create buttons using parentheses.


  • Fixed problem with alignment of totals when changing the placement of action buttons.
  • Fixed problem with Grid navigation when using the sc_change_css macro.
  • Fixed problem in connection definition when publishing example projects.
  • Fixed views of Mssql Server connections “Native Srv” and “Native SRV PDO” in Linux and Mac development environments. The connections will only be visualized when the extensions are enabled in the environment.
  • Fixed the visualization of Mssql Server connections in the production environment. You will need to update the production environment.
  • Fixed a Javascript error when exporting the grid for printing, using a nested grid link.
  • Fixed problem in viewing the code in the Ajax event button, created through the action bar, when making a change to the grid’s SQL.
  • Fixed problem when accessing detail module in grid application using sc_change_css macro in PHP 7.3.
  • Fixed connection error with MSSQL Server Native SRV PDO driver in production environment.
  • Fixed problem when using the same nested grid name in the target application.
  • Fixed problem with Undefined array key “t_collapse” when accessing the “Blocks” option in the Form, in environments with PHP 8.1.
  • Fixed problem in exporting Excel in grids that have nested grid, when the Excel option was set to “No” in the nested grid.
  • Fixed problem in log generation in French and Italian languages.
  • Fixed problem when generating project source code by choosing outdated application options.
  • Fixed alignment of the font awesome icon on the application button if it is displayed without a label.
  • Fixed problem with Undefined variable $tbapl_Texto_Size_Header in grid generation.
  • Fixed a problem when searching the filter in the chart, using the Slider type option.
  • Fixed problem when activating dynamic totaling option in configuration of group by in grid application.