ScriptCase v9.9.005 (2023-01-03 11:57)


  • Improved layout of table and dictionary deletion alerts in project data dictionary.


  • Fixed “Trying to access array offset on value of type null” error when generating security module in environments with license without upgrade.
  • Fixed problem in Position option of SweetAlert using Toast in express edition.
  • Fixed problem in Excel export generation, when using the sc_actionbar_disable macro in events.
  • Fixed problem when configuring a group by by month and year and sorting by day.
  • Fixed “Undefined array key” error when generating the calendar application, in the PHP 8.1 environment.
  • Fixed problem in the visualization of the “Timepicker” component of the hour field, next to the html editor field.
  • Fixed width problem in the columns of the save grid block, when the grid had many fields.
  • Fixed problem displaying the record using the MSSQL Server database uniqueidentifier data type.
  • Fixed problem with not compiling applications that had a friendly URL, at the end of publication generation.