ScriptCase v9.9.010 (2023-04-11 10:23)


  • Added new option to compress files before sending in SFTP publishing.


  • Fixed problem with button group option in action bar when loading grid quicksearch.
  • Fixed error with array key “nm_lang_locale” in “Subselect” field configuration in ReportPdf application on PHP 8.1 environment.
  • Fixed error 2 = Undefined array key “display_position” in grid application.
  • Fixed problem with displaying the “check” icon in the grid “Run” button. The icon was being shown 2x.
  • Fixed problem with viewing the “check” icon on the action bar button. The icon was being displayed 2x.
  • Fixed problem displaying the “check” icon on buttons being called through the display macros in the menu application. The icon was being displayed 2x.
  • Fixed problem with executing the Ajax button created from the action button when using the macro “sc_link” in the Onrecord event of the grid. The button code was not being executed.
  • Fixed problem of not styling the group label in nested grids.
  • Fixed menu creation problem in PHP 7.0 and 7.3 environments.
  • Fixed problem when viewing new tables in the data dictionary when the “save metadata cache to disk” option is enabled.
  • Fixed problem in express creation when checking the option to generate source code.
  • Fixed error when saving change in group by fields.
  • Fixed “Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getColumnMeta()” when using the macro sc_select() in a PHP method called by a field of type HTML Image with Ajax event.
  • Fixed “access array offset” error when creating security module.
  • Fixed problem when closing grid with filter in a capture link.
  • Fixed Undefined array key “pub_sftp_zip_file” error on the publication type selection screen.
  • Fixed problem with fixed label when fixed toolbar option is active.
  • Fixed problem with missing some files when publishing via SFTP, with the option “Compress files before sending” unchecked.
  • Fixed missing lang of the “Highlight results” option in express editing.