ScriptCase v9.9.014 (2023-05-22 23:31)


  • Added option to view the diagnosis in the production environment. We recommend deleting the info and diagnosis files in the production environment.
  • Fixed tab bar and refresh button when scrolling, in project default values interface.


  • Fixed error when using the “Grand total” option in the chart application.
  • Fixed error Undefined array key “b_bor_collapse”, when editing blocks through advanced filter.
  • Fixed problem with SQLITE database access in Database Builder.
  • Fixed problem with not changing the language of the applications, when defining another default language for the project.
  • Fixed problem converting projects from version 8 to version 9.
  • Fixed problem when creating a calendar, using the option to create a table.
  • Fixed problem in retrieving “data” type fields using the “sc_lookup” and “sc_select” macros in the Native SRV driver of the SQL SERVER connection.
  • Fixed problem in viewing themes in the viewing interface, in licenses with expired upgrades.
  • Fixed problem in using procedures with rollback in environments with DBLIB driver.
  • Fixed problem with numeric fields in advanced filter when changing regional setting.