ScriptCase v9.9.015 (2023-07-18 19:02)


Added new macro sc_lookup_field. TUTORIAL


  • Added support for Column Selection and Linking between applications in grid with vertical orientation.
  • Added support for password recovery in production environment.
  • Added option in deployment to generate page containing a link to the initial application.


  • Improved Scriptcase libraries.
  • Improvement in the production environment interface.
    You will need to update the production environment


  • Improved opening mode for downloading files from the “Document (File Name)” data type.
  • Fixed problems displaying charts in applications from the Documents Library sample project.
  • Fixed problem with date field format during ajax processing.
  • Fixed problem when viewing blocks in a tab in the modal window of the editable grid form.
  • Fixed problem in viewing the description in the lookup of numeric and zip code fields in the form.
  • Fixed problem with calculator visualization on mobile devices when in form fields with horizontal orientation (multiple records and editable grids).
  • Fixed problem using confirmation message on action buttons.
  • Fixed problem when saving API edition in deployment environment.
  • Fixed a problem when reloading the grid page when configuring the details below.
  • Fixed problem when generating the diagnosis in the development environment.
  • Fixed problem displaying font color on selected tab in form application.
  • Fixed problem with Ajax-type action buttons in environments with PHP 8.1, when created after the first execution of the grid application.
  • Fixed problem with the upload modal crashing in the image manager, after uploading the image.
  • Fixed problem with returning to the login screen after accessing a project that contains an Oracle and SQL Server connection in Linux and macOS environments.
  • Fixed problem with the sc_btn_disabled macro not working in the Form application.
  • Fixed a problem with the connection to the database not being displayed in the interface, when opening and saving it.
  • Fixed problem with the label not being aligned in the summation of the summary.
  • Fixed problem with display when clicking on the calendar icon in a date and time type field in form applications.
  • Fixed problem when using the calendar of the “date” field in modal in the search application. This type of view is available when the “New Calendar” option in the “date” field settings is unchecked.
  • Fixed problem when using the SQL_NO_CACHE function in the grid’s SQL.
  • Fixed problem when using sc_change_css() macro in field with “.” (point).
  • Fixed error Undefined array key “t_text” when accessing the “Field Positioning” option of the Form in environments with PHP 8.1.
  • Fixed error Undefined array key “lang_subject_mail”, when accessing project messages interface in environments with PHP 8.1.
  • Fixed problem with displaying the sc_lookup_field macro message, when it was not used, in the version with an expired upgrade.
  • Fixed error Connection attempt failed: SQLSTATE[42704]: Undefined object: 7 ERROR: unrecognized configuration parameter “bytea_output”, when trying to connect to PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS.
  • Fixed error when using the “Grand total” option in the chart application.