ScriptCase v9.9.017 (2023-08-20 23:03)


  • Added support for global variable in the label of grid buttons.
  • Added sorting option for SQL in the grid.


  • Fixed error “Undefined array key” vert_campos".
  • Fixed problem with alignment of title in multi-record form.
  • Fixed problem with linking HTML image field in control application when using the “open in another tab” property in link operation mode.
  • Fixed problem with display of FusionCharts Trial version message in manual calls to the library.
  • Fixed problem with visual with converted project buttons.
  • Fixed problem with the functionality of the sc_apl_default macro.
  • Fixed problem when opening the project with the “Save metadata cache to disk” option enabled, if the MSSQL Server extension module was disabled. Scriptcase redirected to login.
  • Fixed problem with background color in WORD export.
  • Fixed errors “Undefined array key” vert_campos", “sem_tag_php”, and array key “sc_field_0” in PHP 8.1 environment.
  • Fixed problem with executing SQL command using sc_exec_sql macro in onValidate event with Oracle connection.
  • Fixed problem with the display of end time in week or day calendar application.
  • Fixed problem with line break in the display of week or day calendar application.
  • Fixed problem with layout with calendar application buttons on mobile.
  • Fixed fatal error count() when using validation {sc_mail_ok} in blank.
  • Fixed errors in the browser console in calendar application.
  • Fixed problem when deploying applications unchecking common files.
  • Fixed error 2 = Undefined array key when generating procedures in SQL Server.