ScriptCase v9.9.019 (2023-08-31 18:05)


  • Added search feature in the management and positioning of fields in the applications interface. Sample
  • Added sc_field_no_validate macro for form, control and calendar applications.
  • Added “Display field error in a modal” option in express editing.
  • Added support for wkhtmltopdf on Linux operating systems based on RedHat 9.


  • Improved interface and usability in the production environment download via zip and tar.gz generation in advanced publishing.
  • Visual improvement of management and positioning of fields in the applications interface. Sample


  • Fixed problem when using “disable field” option or “sc_field_disabled” macro in “select” type field with capture link. The link icon next to the field was not being hidden.
  • Fixed problem when creating the grid, when adding a WHERE clause in the SQL with the option to create the form for editing enabled.
  • Fixed problem when creating a grid, when unchecking some fields in the “edit fields” tab, if the option to create a form to edit the grid was enabled.
  • Fixed problem in validating the control application, when pressing the “Enter” key on the keyboard.
  • Fixed “Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: trim(): Argument #1 ($string) must be of type string” in N:N relationship, after reloading the form from a field of type Select.
  • Fixed error “Incompatible data type in the criterion expression.”, when performing an advanced filter with a field of type DATETIME in Access.
  • Fixed “Undefined array key grid_break_fixa” error when individually applying the “Fixed breaks” option in express editing.
  • Fixed Fatal error: Uncaught com_exception when importing Access base.
  • Fixed Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Swift_Mailer::disconnect(), when clicking “Forgot your password?” on the Scriptcase login screen.
  • Fixed error when generating production environment via zip or tar.gz in advanced publishing.
  • Fixed problem when recovering password through a link in the security module. For those who already have the security module, please check our tutorial to adjust the application. Tutorial
  • Fixed a problem with fields not being displayed in the Form’s SQL configuration, after some change was made in the option to define primary keys.
  • Fixed problem displaying calendar in advanced filter label after grid search.
  • Fixed a problem in the macro “sc_field_disabled” when using it in the data field with the false parameter. The calendar icon next to the field was displayed twice.
  • Fixed problem in master detail view on mobile.
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