Scriptcase working on an Android Galaxy Tablet

Just want to see if anyone has any experience with how scriptcase applications work on an Android tablet.

I am finding that they load slower and that some of the ajax doesn’t work properly or smoothly.

Any suggestions for browsers, settings etc much appreciated.

We are developing, testing and deploying our apps on IPad and Android tablets. The TinyMCE is not usable. That’s a tiny problem, not a scriptcase problem. You need to be aware of the small dimensions of the screen, in fact it’s a decision to make 2 apps (one for big screens, one for tabs) or one, but limited forms. We haven’t found compatibility issues, although the small buttons are an issue. It simply remains a webapplication. You need to use the most recent OS versions, we have samples of erros on IPads with not the latest firmware upgrade. That the applications seems to run slower is due to the fact that the processing power of the phone/tablets are limited.

Is possible that SC team has a example with a aplication for tables, so, we have a idea of considerations must be taken and wich would be that way for do it.

Don’t know what you mean by that. But for IPad dev’s it is wize not to use modal popups (i.e. with links) as they will be messing things up. Also the screenresolution must be taken into account. But besides that, everything is working ok on ios and android. Haven’t tested Tiny in 7 though.

When you mentioned screen resolution, do you mean that it is best to develop the apps whereby the tablet does not need to expand the size of the screen? I have bad experienced in my Galaxy Tab after I expand the screen size. It seems like the button is being “remembered” in its old position even though after it has been resized.

very nice,but i dont know whether it works on my cheap android tablet?or it just work on brand ones?

The working depends on the operating system so I don’t see why it shouldn’t work on cheap tablets. I have a cherry which is also very cheap and things work great. But all depends on the amount of memory and speed of the processor and of course the quality of the screen.