Searching - Cross reference field on Master/Detail form ?


I have a form (Image 1) that has a Master/Detail form embedded in it (Image 2).

The Master/Detail form logs multiple shipments that are all tied to a single work order # from the main form (Image 1).

This all works.

Now for searching…

I have a Grid/search app (Image 3) that is tied to the main order form (Image 1).

I need the “Shipping” search field to be able to search the Master/Detail form on the field {shipping_status} for certain criteria (In-Transit, Yes - Delivered, No - Factory) and display all the records that meet that criteria from the main form (Image 1).

Kinda confusing but the search field needs to be a “Select” field that pulls its values for searching from the table “tb_shipped_status”.

Ex…User selects either of (In-Transit, Yes - Delivered, No - Factory).

It then retrieves the matching records from the Master/Detail form that are cross referenced from the main orders form (Image 1).

All my other search fields work fine searching the main form (Image 1) but how do I get that shipping search field to search the embedded Master/Detail form as well?

Any help is greatly appreciated.




hi instore, if i understood well, you have a grid based on a table, and you want to include a search field that is in another table?
if yes, then i think you will need to make nested-grid or tab that can deal with the other table…
otherwise, how you can search another table if it is not in in the SQL statement of the grid you are executing?
even if defined the internal values of the search field to get data as select from your field in the second table, i am not sure you can display them in the same grid… just saying…
there is master/details video in the videos, or see this tutorial, it includes how to make ajax event to deal with your second form… hope it helps