searching for developer who has experience with azure / sso connection and scriptcase

Hi There, [INDENT]Hi I’m looking for a developer that can help us with scriptcase and the authentication with Azure (office 365/SSO) for our organization. This is not standard an option in scriptcase and we would like you to take a look at this functionality. If it’s possible please make us an offer.[/INDENT]

If you already have office365 with AD enabled in your tennant, then in theory can setup a local AD server with LDAP in your office/datacenter
Then you could have sc connect to it using LDAP

It is worth a try.

that’s a bit out of my league. but thanks

rotrax, did you get it?
I’m interested in azure authentication too.

I’m working on implementing Azure AD authentication and I’m about to push it into production.

See here for more details:

Thanks robydago, I’ve tried to reach the link but I don’t have permisions???
I’ve send an email to admin to find out what happens

Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page.
Please try logging in or logging in as different user Login or send a message to the admin


New post that should work:

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if somebody can help with azure with an existing scriptcase application

any luck with this? i’m looking for the same sollution