Security module overwrites link-application form properties

Creating an application of Grid type a link to the application-form, selecting the checkbox field “Display button (new row) on the grid toolbar” and uncheked “Enable insert button on the target application” or "Enable update button on the target application "this property is overwritten when accessing the security module by creating confusion. I assume that the property is set in the link must not be overwritten by the access privileges, because it applies to everyone. This anomaly is shown in the FORM button “NEW” I would not want to see.

I am having relatively the same issue as kkkpe, except I am experiencing it on the Master/Detail Form on the form applications. Form buttons such as Add, edit and delete were being re-enabled by security even if they are “not” enabled in the Link’s Form Property.

This happens because I am using re-usable forms, using different parent grids. I re-use them because I have implemented “DRAFT, APPROVED, CANCELLED” logics. If the form is called from another application form which is in “DRAFT” mode, all details can be changed. (Add, edit, delete), while on other forms they were supposed to be Read-only. But using security module, since it overwrites form property, this re-usable concept is not possible.

I ended up having 2 identical forms, and assign different security as a workaround at this time while this remains unresolved.