Security process


i wonder how to set the next application when the login is validated, how is this done? And how can i prevent a user to go to an application via url without loging in.

could someone tell me how this is done in scriptcase?


Normally, during the creation of SC security module for a project, you can specify to enable the security in your applications. If you didn’t, you can enable it in the Security settings available in each application or through Tools ->Express Edit.

You can redir using sc_redir(‘your_app’) in the login app OnValidateSuccess event.

Check this tutorial


  1. Mine is a little complex … perhaps I should do a tutorial … I have a form where the user chooses the ‘home’ application and then when the menu loads it sets that value and loads it (but if you want just one application specify the specific application) here:
    Menu > Settings > Navigation > Default Application > Application = [usr_dashboard]

  2. To prevent a user from choosing an app from the url set “Enable direct call by URL” to no (see Security in the application)

Thanks! Is Working !

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