Security Requirement - Can this be done?

I have an application where there are ‘Teams’ and ‘Athletes’. I want to set up security so that a ‘Coach’ assigned to a team may have access to modify/delete the ‘Athletes’ and modify the information about the ‘Team’. Can SC security be set to do this?

The security module works on application level and update level. If you need rights on data level then you have to add that by yourself. But that’s not too complicated and usually limited to adding a select criteria to the forms and grids.

I guess I could create a ‘public’ and a ‘coach’ version of Teams & Athletes and then direct the person to the correct application via globalvars. No?

I added a 'group_mgr" field to groups; default value is 1. So all groups are managed by group 1 - unless you change it. So if “Coach” is in group 2 - and “Athletes” are in group 3 - group 3 manager is group 2. Hope that makes sense.