Security - Use password to load a single page externally

I have a grid application that loads with out security. However i do want to use a general password to load. In this instance i would want the code to be a password that the client can change when they need too with out recompiling the application. Typically i would create a variable in the use password and then create script to change the variable to what ever the desired password would be. however the use password is not taking a variable. any suggestions

Hi, you can use a control app to get the password saved in the database. If is it correctly, redir to another app.


Hi @gbillot3 I get how we can put the password into the database. My issues is that i am unable to to retrieve the password using a variable int he use password under security. I may need to right my own security feature to do this…

That option is for a fixed password. If you want to use a variable password you can create a control app to check the stored password and redirect to the grid or to another app.


I see what you are saying. Thank you!! Seams odd they would make that a fixed password only in my opinion. If lets say change in departments now a user may have access to that page where they should no longer have it.

You must managge the security by the security module not by that password.