Select field using Ajax to reload select field in a form

Hello can I get help in setting up the select fields in form to update the other based on the selection of the one from database using Ajax function. I had it working once and now it will not work again.

Select field using Ajax to reload select field

My select works like this.

I will select a region and once this has been selected it must select and populate the next select filed with all the registration no for the vehicle in that region.

My table in the database has the following fields.


My registration table has the following fields


Please guide me with this setup in scriptcase.

Hello Mike.

I fear there is a bug somewhere. I have also tried to set it up but it’s not working. The query in the second select getting the value from the first select is correct, as the second select gets the correct value if I set the reload form on the first select.
So basically, the reload of the second select works with the reload of the form but not with the AJAX function. Does anybody else experience the same misbehavior?

Hello again,

There is definitely something wrong with the reload option. I in my case, I was able to solve it by disabling the “Use dropdown with checkbox” option! See screenshot.
Having the option off, will do the reload. Having the option on doesn’t reload with AJAX.
But generally, switching between the different selections (select, double select) and the Ajax text-autocomlete is bugged and brings the field to have strange behaviors.