Select string with " character in a select field

Hi to everybody,
i have e problem with the select field.
How can i select a string with " character? if i select that it shows the error invalid data.

Thanks and regards.

Which select do you use?

Thanks for your answer!

I use the select field of scriptcase but, if there are " charachters in the string (for example: the name of the book is “hello”) i need to select, scriptcase shows me the error invalid data.
Why can’t i select its?

Thanks and regards!

There is a query behind the select. What is the query behind it?
Of course you can always use the QUOTE mysql function……e-function.php

That was assuming you use mysql for another database you should use another function with similar working method.

Yes, there is this query: select project_name from projects where user=’[user_name]’ order by project_name.
I use postgreSQL database.

Thanks a lot!