Setting up Windows Server / IIS Environment


I evaluated ScriptCase a year and a half ago. I was extremely impressed with the functionality of the product. I eventually was spooked by the lack of
documentation and dialog on using this product in a Windows shop.

Things have changed further in the past year, and more and more, this type of product looks like the right match for our house.

However, we run Windows IIS servers. The last time I asked about this, the response was a quote from the docs:

For Windows Servers using Web IIS Server, is necessary to define the permissions in the directory _lib (common libraries),
and in the CMD files (C:\WINDOWS\system32) for IIS users (IUSR_NOME-DO-SERVIDOR) .

I’m sorry, but I need to see more than that to have a comfort level. Can anyone point me towards a more detailed article on
setting up and deploying to IIS? Also, if you are doing that successfully today for production applications, can you comment?
Thank you.

I can only recommend to start as a trial user and approach SC directly for this. I have been running on W2003 server and IIS w.o any problem at all, but after implementing W2008 and now W2012 server i simply cannot find the right settings to get things going. I solved the issue by shutting down IIS and install Apache on my windows server. There has been a lot of threads regarding IIS, but I never managed to sort things out. If SC has a good working solution for you then please share…


My recommendation: install & use SC itself with the full windows install package (SC, PHP, Apache).

Apps develop with SC can loop on IIS unless there was PHP installed with the WPI (Windows Platform Installer from MS).