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Hi, Im trying to develop a solution where I have orders and the default status is on hold, all this orders need to be an invoice, so I design a grid where now I have all orders, but the idea is to show just one per time, and when it changes from on hold to invoice I will be able to see another order.
Hope someone already worked with someting similar

set an order by clause by status and date/hour in your query, and select only the first row

SELECT * FROM mi_tabla
ORDER BY columna_orden DESC

Why not see all orders and and a column with the status and the invoice number?


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The users don’t have to be able to choose what order do first, so they have to change the status to proceed

A simple WHERE filter solve the problem

SELECT TOP 1 FROM mi_tabla
WHERE status = ‘on hold’

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Yes but how can I manage to have the next one display on my grid after the former one change status

If the status changed, when you refresh the grid will show the next Top 1 record. Regards

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