Solutions for Mobile Device...

My client asking for mobile access, whats the best solution I can get from SC.
if not, then I will suggest for future development…


Re: Solutions for Mobile Device…

The only way you are going to be able to use SC is if you design screens that will display correctly on the screen you are using and load those screen if the device is mobile.

You could also look at things like:
Sencha Touch

This is a very open ended questions and the options are almost endless.


Re: Solutions for Mobile Device…

Re mobile development. I am using NSBASIC which has served me very well. I can support customers who still have old windoze mobile machines as well as cover android and iphone. Check it out. I recommend it. Also their support is superb. Very nice people and a great product and they speak english too. They are in Canada.
Just my two cents for what its worth.

Re: Solutions for Mobile Device…

I would like to see some kind of integration betwqeen SC and PhoneGap. This is what many other vendors did, with a great success. Sencha is another great product and is worth consideration.

hi Leancode,
How do you like NSBASIC? Do you use this tool now?
I am looking for Mobile APP solution. Is there some good recommandation?
Very appreciated.