[SOLVED] Connection Error - PostgreSQL 9

I can’t connect to postgres from scriptcase. I get the error below :

Database connection failed

pg_connect(): Unable to connect to PostgreSQL server: SSL error: length too short

How could I solve this issue?

Maybe posting your connection parameters can show something. Just with this error, who knows…

Please see the attached image for the connection parameters.


Dont see nothing weird. Can you connect with same credentials with pgadmin?

Yes. I could connect with the same credentials through pgadmin.


Have you followed our tutorial to make sure you aren’t missing anything? http://www.scriptcase.net/docs/en_us/manual_mp.htm#connecting-your-database/postgresql/postgressql

Bernhard Bernsmann

No, it was manually enabled in php.ini.

Also, in my diagnosis, it says that PostgresSQL is already enabled.

Diagnosis - Database Screenshot :



Have you set persistent connection to “Yes” under the connection advanced settings?



No. I didn’t set it to “Yes”. Should I set it to “Yes”?


This issue has been resolved. Someone from the support team concluded that the error was caused by PostgreSQL SSL authentication, and given me the following solutions :

1- Disable the SSL cryptography in PostgresSQL and restart the service.


2- Allow a private and public key to access the Database through SSL authentication.

The first solution works for me. Although, I still haven’t tried the second solution 'coz it is more complicated.

If ever you encounter the same error, this might help.

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