[SOLVED] Error when deploy SC 8.1 to hosting

I’ve got this error when deploy SC 8.1 application to web hosting. How to solve this ?

error when deploy SC 8.1.PNG

This was reported a few days ago as a bug in scriptcase as there is no need for zend on the production machine. There was a reaction that the issue was solved so I guess you have to update your version.

I have got the same issue here. It says Zend Guard Run-time support missing! on the production environment. Never happened before.
What version should I update to ? I am already at version 8.01.0003

I am already at version 8.01.0003 too and that error still happen.

8.1.04 is the version you look at, but update server is not available right now


This problem was already solved in the version 003 itself, try to perform a manual update and the problem will be solved.