[SOLVED] How do I mark a post/thread I started in this forum as solved?


I have looked everywhere so apologies if this is stated elsewhere - but I see lots of threads prefixed with [SOLVED]. So, if I have a post/thread that I started that has since been resolved (either by a reply from someone, or by my own researches) how do I rename the title to add the [SOLVED] prefix?


Really? No-one knows how to do this?

Just edit the ttitle to add [solved]. that’s what I do

Thanks Guy - that is what I assumed TBH, but how do I do that? I do not see anywhere that allows me to edit my thread’s title.

You are right, i can’t edit my own title thread. I think I’ve already done it.

Hi Guy - not sure what your last sentence means? Does that mean that’s what you have done in the past, but cannot do now?


Yes, i tried on my last own post and i can’t edit title

You have to participate more in the forum in order to level up and have more editing rights.

Thanks @buhlerax - and spookily enough I was “promoted” a couple of days ago and can now do that - so this will be the first time I use it in anger :slight_smile:

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