[SOLVED] Modal form cannot close after executing code.


I have two form applications and one is linked to other such that it opens in a model of 250x200 frame. The linked form has a PHP button named as OK. What I want to do is to close the modal form after clicking the OK button. I used following PHP code on button click.

sc_mail_send($smtp, $email, $password, $email,  
		{EmailAddress}, $subject, $message, "H", 
		"", "", $smtpport, $sec[$ssl]);

Yes, this modal form send test email to the email address in a field and it works but problem is that modal does not close, it displays ScriptCase page in the modal. What is wrong with the code.

Milind Wakale

Maybe it goes with this solution: http://www.scriptcase.net/forum/showthread.php?3988-Close-a-blank-application-when-it-shows-as-a-modal-window&p=16397&viewfull=1#post16397

Thanks you RHS, it is working…

Milind Wakale