[SOLVED] V9.7: not receiving activation code email..did receive forgot password

for new users, i am not getting the activation code.
i never got the activation code for the admin when i configured the module either
is there a way to just enter the activation code my self in the table.

i did receive the “forgot password” email so smtp is working from the application.


From phpmyadmin, search into sec_users table ? Try to update active column and add Y inside ?

Good luck

the Y is easy enough,
i need the activation code.


Thank you for your feedback. We have found this issue and already passed to our development team.

As soon as possible we’ll return over here to give you a return about the solution of that.

Best regards.

@yuri_esteves as a Bug Tracker you have a lot of work and your work place sure for life.


Hello, @Yannick_Pavard , @gbillot3 , @mhamlett101

This problem has been solved in our current version (9.7.007).

  • Fixed problem sending the email from the application “app_form_add_users” in the security module. It will be necessary to recreate the module.

Best regards.