Specific field value

good evening,

I have this in my in my OnRecord event

$licDetailIcon = “<IMG SRC=’…/_lib/img/scriptcase__NM__ico__NM__sc_menu_home_e.png’>”;
{licDetail}= “<button class=‘scButton_default’>”.$licDetailIcon." Detail</button>";
sc_link(licDetail,BETAform_custCont_license.php , idsoftware=gloswID,"_self");

it works but the idsoftware value being passed just seems to be the first record in the database no matter what row I click on. that being said how do I pass the idsoftware value for that specific row?

is your problem solved ?
I think I have the same problem.
In the Grid I have a field and the text for the Hint is correct but the link used only the Akt_ID from the first recored in the grid

$v_Akt_ID = {Akt_ID};
$vAID = 'Akt öffen ’ .{Akt_ID};
sc_link(Akt_ID, form_FF_Aktivitaeten_KL, Akt_ID=$v_Akt_ID , $vAID, “iframeR”);

good morning,
unfortunately this was so long ago that I cannot recall if I got this working or simply accomplished what I was hoping to another way.
From what I see I was trying to get the details of license.
Perhaps if you can tell me what you are trying to accomplish I can assist better