Speech to text API?


I just discovered this site https://speechnotes.co/ and I would like to integrate it directly into a field of type TEXTAREA, do you know the API necessary to do that? Thank you


PS : Google chrome extension here Speechnotes Voice Typing - Chrome Web Store but Textarea with Rich Editor is not recognize by extension

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Very interesting application indeed. I hope that someone has the time and know how to reply to your question.

super interesting…

i found this thing… it seams that you can do it directly from html :D:D:D grate news…

check this site (i guess):

using this imput tag:

<input type="text" x-webkit-speech>

so you only have to make some twiks on your form, there is a trick using the javascript menu on your forms, you can change the input kind of your forms generated by scriptcase to the imput you need in this case webkit-speech :D:D:D i have not tryed if you have a hard time changing the form imput letme know it was hard to me... but i am a newby ::D:D:D:D

best regards

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I think it’s not possible with textaera tag HTML.


It is also not working on every browser…