SQL BUILDER needs ambulance! URGENT!

First of all the name: SQL BUILDER is not very fortunate. In all tools that I have used so far this type of functionality is called a QUERY. So I really sugest to change it to QUERY BUILDER !!!

Secondly after a month since I have reported a several bugs in SQL BUILDER they still haven’t being fixed.
For example while moving between the Tabs I keep loosing the JOIN selections. It drives me nuts as I simply cannot test the query , then come back and do some changes and test it again.
When I add Master table, then add Child Table one at a time it works, but when I add Master Table and then several child tables it fails, and display no records when its RUN !

When I remove tables from the list they go back to the liest on the left but get at the buttom of the list (unsorted) so it is gharder to find them again when you need it.




I have reported this issue to our bugs team for further testing.

Bernhard Bernsmann

well it is about 6 months later. Have you fix it ?

Hello aka,

I will have to check with our Bugs team what is the current bug status (fixed, working on a fix…).

Bernhard Bernsmann

You posted the message at the END OF FEBRUARY/2013

TODAY is almost mid of August/2013

DID YOU MAKE ANY FIXES TO SQL BUILDER - it seems to me you did not!

I also wonder how would you like to attract more customers and create better revenue for NetMake if after 6 MONTHS! you did not even bother to fix bugs or follow up on this thread ???
The most complains about SC we see everywhere is about Customer Support and bugs. Why don;t you guys at NetMake concentrate more on a fixing existing serious bugs instead of adding new features (when the old features not even working correctly)


Hello aka,

I will contact our Bugs team regarding the issue.

Bernhard Bernsmann

You have said the same thing in February !
and… we have AUGUST now! - 4 months later - NO CHANGE, NO FIX, NO IMPROVEMENT