SQL - Database and Table Refresh when changed

Recently I needed to change the SQL connection and table for several forms. I noticed that in SQL for the Form the Connection name may not always update to the latest available list of connections. The same goes for the Table name.

I further investigated this issue and have found what I believe is a workable solution that Scriptcase could implement.

Let me explain…

When you create an application of type Form the Form Settings: SQL screen shows these fields:
Table name

When you create an application of type Grid: SQL screen shows these fields:

The Table name must be entered in the SQL Select Statement block at the top of the SQL screen.

Now I also noticed that when I create a NEW application of either a Form or Grid both Connection and Table name appear with one extra button next to the Table name. This button refreshes the table list based on the Connection.

So the fix for my issue is somewhat easy for the Scriptcase team. All they need to do is to add a button for table refresh next to the Table name for a Form application. Then things will be A LOT EASIER if you need to make changes to a connection/table reference. This will also add consistency to selection of tables for applications if adopted.

Try Express Edit or Application Synchronization.

Either of these will help to update the table detail.