I use in an SQL query with the DATENAME function which returns me the name of the months, but in English. To have them in French, a SET LANGUAGE French must normally be integrated before the request, but I cannot do it. With you a solution?

You need to set the language of your connection before using DATENAME

sc_exec_exec(“lc_time_names = fr_FR”); for France
sc_exec_exec(“lc_time_names = fr_CA”); for French Canada

where should I put this code, in the SQL query?
thank’s you

Sorry the code is

sc_exec_sql(“SET @@lc_time_names = fr_FR”); for France
or sc_exec_sql(“SET @@lc_time_names = fr_CA”); for French Canada

You have to run it one time before you need to run DATE_FORMAT

sc_exec_sql(“SELECT DATE_FORMAT(“2021-01-15”, “%M”)”); will return janvier

Thanks, it works for a report, but not on a graph (no data).
Moreover when I make a graph and with a date dimension that I display in months, it displays the number of the month and not the name of the month, really weird