SQL Performance


do anybody know which type of SQL statements are faster
statements defined as query/view on the server or
statements defined in the grid definitions

IMHO SQL statements defined as query on the server are faster and should be used in every project using SC or any other development tool.

Compiling an sql query and determining the access path has a cost.
If you create a query on the server , compilation of the query is done once forever at the time of the create view statement , so it is faster the compiling each time you send the sql query to the server.
Nevertheless some smart databases can cache the sql statement based on its hash key , so you pay the compilation cost the first time only aas subsequent query sent to server are cached.

many thanks for your informations.
During the development phase I will enter the SQL statements direct in SC and
for the GoLife I will define these statements then as query on the server

if i store a query on the server, how do i use it on scriptcase?

It then becomes the same as normal select. ie: select * from query_name