Start filter grid application

I have come across several topics where people are looking for a starting filter for their grid, which they can then modify or delete. I never got out of it with the macros, so have been using the following detour for a while:

Almost all of my grids open with the following filter, which I can set dynamically for opening my grid.

This is how I proceed:

Now your app will open with the search function. Of course you don’t want that. The app should immediately open the grid, with your filter applied immediately! :wink:

So now your app also opens with the search function, but is immediately forwarded to your app with the search function, so that the user can.

To precisely determine the fields of your search function, you can do the following.

Open Firefox Developer and go to your app that starts with the search function. So you have not added the javascript yet!

Search for this line through your inspector. Change that to, for example, test.php. In any case, the page should not exist. Apply the form.

You enter these fields at Search => ScriptInit and you activate the javascript.

If anyone has a better solution, please! But with this I have also been able to have full control over the start filter of the grid for a while.

Hi Zaz, I having been trying to load the save grid in my grid application but no luck. Can you help?